Pity the Squirrel


I’m having too much fun with readers’ responses.  If I can keep collecting reviews, observations, and questions of similar quality, I should be able to post regularly to my blog, even if I don’t have the time to think and type out original material on a semi-weekly basis. 

From John M.: 

I will keep looking for that truly bigfoot.  Did you send Dean a copy of your book?  If not, I’ll gladly drop one off at his house.  I finished reading it this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the read.  Any regrets for having shot the female squirrel and not the male squirrel?  Shooting the male squirrel would have been a scenario that most of us want; die instantaneously while in the throws of passion.   Of course probably the decent thing would have been to wait till he was finished.  Of course, if that squirrel was like me, you would have been waiting for hours and missed the opportunity to shoot pigs.  Similarly, if that squirrel was like Rhett that squirrel would have been done and out of there before you could get your crosshairs on him.   So, thinking out loud, you probably did the right thing shooting the female.