Praise for Border Walk Book

I’m very excited about praise for the Border Walk book (expected publish date, March 2018) from the following two authors, both of whom are informed and noteworthy in considerations of the Mexico/US border.

Reed Noss is the author of numerous ecological texts, and Keith Bowden may be the first contemporary person travel the entire length of the Rio Grande as it forms the border between America and Mexico.

Noss’ work is focused on conservation planning. He has designed and directed such studies in Florida, the Pacific Northwest, California, the Rocky Mountains, and several regions of Canada, and has been an advisor to similar projects throughout North America and parts of Latin America and Europe.

Reed F. Noss
Reed Noss

The U.S.-Mexico border is one of the most politically contentious regions of North America, and potentially one of the most dangerous. Mark Hainds quit his job and set out in the fall of 2014 to walk the border between Texas and Mexico. And he did it – all 1,010 miles, mostly on his own. This is his story of that remarkable journey, replete with engaging narrative about the places, flora, fauna, and people he experienced. One finds many life lessons here. –Reed Noss

Keith Bowden teaches writing in Texas and has traveled extensively throughout Mexico as well as South America. His The Tecate Journals: Seventy Days on the Rio Grande documents his travels along the Mexican/US border.

BORDER WALK takes readers on a remarkable journey along the front lines of a misunderstood and misrepresented frontier. Check your border hype at the door and discover, as Mark Hainds does, the rich tapestry of life along our border with Mexico. –Keith Bowden

Keith Bowden
Keith Bowden

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