One Reader’s Review

I will not adequately convey how much I have invested in the publication of my first book – Year of The Pig.  At the best, I can tell you that it took more effort, determination, and sacrifice than anything I have attempted since my Master’s Program at Auburn University.  While initial reviews have been uniformly positive, I can’t help but grit my teeth and wait for the first reader/reviewer who sees more negative than positive in Year of The Pig.  In the meantime, it is comments from educated forest landowners like Paul L. that help put me at ease.  He sent the following comment today (August 30, 2011) via email, and I thought I would share it with the world at large. 

Mark, I picked up your book yesterday to check it out before the grand event and couldn’t put it down until done.  I don’t know how to entice people to pick one up, but the deal is done once that happens.  It was fun getting to know you better vicariously.  My condolences to Katia, but she must have known you well enough to share the blame.  Joseph is a lucky boy.  I grew up in AL, but wouldn’t compare to the novice “inside the fence” hunters, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite my inadequacies in your comfort zone.

Two questions you can answer at the meeting:

1.       How do you find anything but a large school in Pleasant Home?

2.       What happened to the intended book about panhandle flora and fauna?

Thanks for all you do helping restore the Piney Woods.